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This is jabbir Hossain. CEO of jabbriweb.

Last 2 years ago I was started my professional services in website design and hosting for world wide. I have done many client projects in this time.

Today I discuss about Univahost. Best hosting company in Bangladesh

So, for my services I every time need a hosting and domain service. Because it my business. I was buy domain from international website. But as we are Bangladeshi user, it is very hard and complex to buy services from international website. Then I try to find any local hosting company who gives us international service. After a long search I find out www.univahost.com.

My experience in hosting company

I want to added that, I was buying service from another 3 company in Bangladesh but their service is not equal to univahost.

Why? Last time before when I was another hosting company, I was happened a problem in my website. But their customer support is very bad. Beside the rate of the hosting and the feature are not perfect for in budget.

Another company, I was bought hosting and their email server is bad. I can’t get email in right time. Beside their storage rate is also high than other one.

So, I decide to find and after a long search and compromise between other hosting companies I like univahost.

Why Univahost I like most?

  1. First of it’s a Bangladeshi company who provide international service.
  2. Its hosting price and feature are most reliable than any other company.
  3. Univahost have many servers. So that you can use any of them.
  4. USA based server.
  5. Pure SSD storage guaranteed.
  6. Website loading speed very fast.
  7. The best I like is free SSL for lifetime in this budget.
  8. Best storage in reliable price with very more bandwidth.
  9. Individual hosting packages for e-Commerce Company.
  10. Customer support is awesome. I like it.
  11. Website Security and backup I like most.
  12. Univahost support many platform to receiving money. (Bkash, Rocket, Bank) for Bangladeshi user. So that you can easily pay your bill. Otherwise you can use your credit card, master card, paypal etc.

Disadvantages of univahost

Univahost is a new and I use their service last 1 year. And in this time I can’t find any problem. No server down.

How to communicate with univahost?

Univahost has their facebook page. You can easily get live user review from there. Beside you can search on google, you get google review. The actual user recommended univahost. And especially I recommend univahost as a best hosting and domain service provider in Bangladesh who gives international service.

Univahost not only provide domain and hosting, it’s also provide bulk sms service in locally and they have planned to increase other services day by day.

Visit univahost website, watch their packages feature and price and compare with other company. I hope you like univahost to justify all other feature.

Thanks for reading my article. I will come up with next. Stay close with my facebook page to get another article. I publish every update in facebook page.

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