What is WordPress [A-Z August Update]

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a world most and popular Content Management System (CMS). If you have no knowledge of website design. You can make your first website from WordPress.


WordPress is free and premium version.

In free version you can must use their name. Example (www.yourname.wordpress.com) You can freely make any website using their name. Lots of free themes on their blog and you can choose one of them totally free.


In premium version you need to buy some packages.

If you have a domain and hosting (cpanel) you can use wordpress and setup themes as you want. Here you can use your own domain.

Example (www.yourname.com)

You easily doing what you want on your site. So always premium theme have all facilities.


What is WordPress Site?

There have lots of CMS who give you many service. WordPress is one of them best. If you making your site using WordPress that is call WP site.


What WP Theme is that?

If you making your website using wp, then you must need a themes. So thats themes which is made for only wordpress is called wp theme. You can’t use wp themes to other CMS.


WordPress page template?

Every WordPress themes have their own page template. Its what the page look like to the visitor.

If I make an example, then blog page and contact page never be same, right?

So blog page and contact page are each template.


Custom WordPress Themes?

WordPress have their own directory to use themes. If you want to use a custom made themes, its called custom themes.

Suppose, you make a design and want to show the visitor. You have WordPress. So now you can convert the themes to use for wp.

Then you need to change some code and make it useful for WP. Its custom themes.

Advantage: Custom themes have many function. You can get all many function in one themes. Design look very nice and eye catching.

Disadvantage: Its sometimes take more time to load your website. Because of many function.


How to use WP?

Using wp is very easy. Go to wordpress site. Create a account. Then follow next instruction. You can easily use wp. If you can’t, you search on youtube how to use wp?


WP Theme Editor:

Every wordpress have theme editor function. Because you can change the themes as your required. Suppose you want to change a color or add  header. So you can easily edit the themes and get your function as well.


How to Download WP themes?

Download a wordpress themes is very as download a picture from google. Go to wordpress.org website and there have lots of themes. Its maximum is free and also find premium themes.

Just open a themes click on it, then a download button appear on you. Click on the download button, the themes easily download on your pc.

Many third party website have give you free themes that also look like very nice. You can use their themes. But I prefer not to use them.


WP Demo?

Two types of demo. One is WordPress site demo, it only for developer area. Other demo is website structure.

A themes have some demo files. If you want then you  can make a demo webite for totally free.


Where to Sell WP themes?

If you are a developer and you made a themes for wp you can sell in from your blog or a popular blog themeforest. You can sell your products from there.


WP eCommerce themes?

E commerce increase day by day. In America now people always trying to buy their products from online. So online ecommerce increase rapidly.


How to Hire WP Expert?

21st century of the world everything are happened online. Lots of website have where you can find your best WP Expert.

You can find upwork, freelancer and fiverr and many marketplace where you find expert WordPress expert.

You can chat with them, discuss about your project and hire them. All the process are very easy.


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