WordPress Tutorial (Basic) Part 1

WordPress Tutorial (Basic)

WordPress is now a popular open source and content management system (CMS). You can make a dynamic website and blog website easily without any coding knowledge.

So, WordPress is a popular blogging system for web and WordPress have a back-end cms and component where you can update, customize and manage your website easily.

Our wordpress tutorial we follow basic wordpress tutorial like (wordpress install, settings, customizing ) etc and all basic terms and uses to show with screenshot that you understand easily


What is content management system (CMS)

CMS is a web base program that help you to edit content like: Text, Picture, Audio, Video etc.

This system have some default function that help you to make your website. CMS make for making your website without knowing complex coding.  Its make your work to easy to make a website. Some more CMS without WordPress like: Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc.

WordPress first invention 27th may 2003 and its announced as open source October 2009.


Feature of WordPress

  1. User Management: Its agree to management user information. Like: To change user role to Subscriber, Contributor, Writer, Editor etc. A administrative user can delete another user, user information and password.


  1. Media Management: Its a tools or option that helps you to upload media like: (images, audio, video and other digital products). You can change, edit, delete media file easily using media management.


  1. Theme System: This option help you to upload themes for your website. Its helps you to change your website deign and looking. Your can add custom page, post, template and custome design.


  1. Plugin: WordPress have lots of free and paid plugin that help user to add additon function and feature to your website to look better to your customer.


  1. SEO: Search engine optimization is some terms that help your website to come first page of google. WordPress default editor have some fucntion that help you on SEO ranking. Beside you can use plugin for SEO.


  1. Multi language: Its give you permission to translate various language to user need.


  1. Import: You can import your file, pages, post, comment and whatever you want.


  1. Settings: WordPress have some settings that you can easily chagne your website title, description, visibility and more.


  1. Ecommerce Service: You can easily make your own ecommerce website using wordpress.



  1. WordPress is a open source platform and its free.
  2. User can change any code easily as they need to change page design.
  3. For user easy work, lots of plugin and template that help user to customize design, adding function on pages or post.
  4. Easily and fast upload media file and adding on post.
  5. Use easily customize those media file if need.
  6. Its easily introduce your company or yourself.
  7. Customer easily contact with you from your website.
  8. You can add many user to your website as their role like (contributor, Writer, Editor) etc



  1. If you use more plugin its may slow your website speed.
  2. If you want to change your wordpress website, you need php knowledge
  3. WordPress and plugin some updated version. So you need to update it in time. Its somtime lost your data when update wordpress. So you need to backup your data.
  4. Its open source platform so any hacker easily hack your website.


So today we learn some of basic information about wordpress. Its feaure, advantages and disadvantages. But its advantages is more and its user friendly so we recommended to make your first website using wordpress.


Jabbir Hossain

Founder (www.jabbirweb.com)

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