WordPress Installation Process [2018 Updated]

WordPress Installation

Initials Materials for WordPress

Database: MySQL 5.0+

Web Server:
1. WAMP: For Windows OS
2. LAMP: For Linux OS
3. XAMP: For Multi-Platform uses

Browser Support: Opera, Internet Explorer 8+, Fireforx, Google Chrome, Safari, UC Browser etc

PHP: Your server must support PHP 5.2+

Operation System: Cross-Platform


Download WordPress
For downloading WordPress go to https://wordpress.org/download/ this link. Download WordPress latest Version.


Database making for store Information:
MySQL database is need for WordPress.

So you must create a new database using username and password. You can use any username and passowrd. [N.B: Password should be strong]


How to setup:

Its very easy to setup wordpress in your own system.
Follow below steps for setup wordpress:

Step 1: Extract the WordPress zip file that you download and copy the files to your local server folder.

Step 2: Open your browser and copy the link of your local wordpress server folder. Now you get your first visual like bellow.






















Select your language and click continue.


Step 3: This step you get importance information regarding your database which first condition of your installation wordpress




















Click lets go button


Step 4: This step you put information for creating your MySQL Database. See the example bellow





















1. Database Name: Write a database name for your MySQL.
2. Username: Write a username for MySQL database. Its your login username.
3. Password: Set a strong password. Its your login password.
4. Database Host: Write your host folder name. Make it blank for default host as localhost.
5. Table Prefix: Table prefix is a unique name thats connect you with your database. Its helps you to setup more website in same localhost.


Step 5: After checking WordPress, you will get a message. Here click Run the install button
















Step 6: Provide Admin information






















1. Site Title: Write your website title here.
2. Username: Set a username for login to your wordpress dashboard.
3. Password: Set a password for login to your wordpress dashboard.
4. Your E-mail: write your email here. This email help you to recover your username and password if you forget it.
5. Privacy: Check it. Its help you to index your site with search engine.

After complete the form click Install WordPress button

Step 7: After complete the wordpress installation you will get this success message:















Click login Button

Step 8: You will get a login form. write the username and password in step 6, write the same username and password here and click login button.

















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